On the football ground, as you are chasing the ball to score, you are only allowed to shoot through a leg, not through your a-hole. Expelling wind can throw you out of the pitch! This is what happened when footballer Adam Ljungkvist offended the referee by farting! He earned a red card!

During a recent match, Swedish player Adam Ljungkvist let off a ‘deliberate’ fart. The footballer had been booked with a yellow card at the ninth tier match in Sweden and passed wind at full volume on the field.

Replying why he did so to Swedish newspaper Lanstidningen Sodertalje, he said ‘I needed to fart, I had a bad stomach. So I just farted. Then I received a yellow card and then a red.’

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Claiming that his intention was not to insult anyone with the fart, he said he had to answer to nature calling.

He told perhaps the referee thought that he broke the wind in his hand and threw it towards him. reported Metro.

‘I was shocked, it’s the strangest thing I have ever experienced on a football field,’ Adam said to the newspaper. Further briefing the situation, he  added, ‘I asked the referee: “What am I not allowed to break the wind a little?” He replied “no”.’

Throwing more light on the red card incident as an on spot witness, Kristoffer Linde, an opposition striker, shared: ‘I was standing a good distance away but I heard the fart loud and clear. It’s the strangest thing I’ve seen on a pitch, and I’ve been playing football since I was eight years old.’

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Later, Adam informed German newspaper Aftonbladet: ‘I spoke to the referee afterward, I was annoyed, but there were no bad words. I just said he was a buffoon.’

Meanwhile, Dany Kako, the referee expressed his stance, ‘I perceived it as a deliberate provocation. He did it on purpose and it was inappropriate. Therefore, he received a [second] yellow card.”

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The BBC revealed that Adam expresses he’s shocked how the news has made him an internet celebrity.  In his words: “Being on Facebook and scrolling down and seeing your own face on The Sports Bible, that’s just crazy.”

Adam Ljungkvist had been playing left-back for Pershagen SK and his team lost the match 6-2.

Do you think Adam Ljungkvist’s fart, as well as the subsequent red card, is the culprit for the team’s loss?