Despite dominating all award shows, Game of Thrones proves that it’s not above making a fart joke. Or at least that’s what viewers attest to hearing in the last episode even if HBO is silent on the issue.

The scene started innocently enough, with Grand Maester Pycelle ranting during a council meeting about how The Mountain could not be controlled, and how everybody is better off if Gregor Clegane is dead.

However, Cersei and Jamie Lannister comes in, along with The Mountain—all eight-foot of him (at least in the books, he’s nearly eight feet tall while actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson stands 6’9”), that stopped Pycelle in mid-rant.

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According to Bustle, there are three possible scenarios on who farted in the last Game of Thrones episode.

The most obvious person to blame is Pycelle himself, who could have let go of a fart due of fear upon seeing Cersei, Jamie and Clegayne walk in the room. A second possible scenario is Mace Tyrelle who first noticed the three while the old man is still ranting.

And there’s another least likely scenario and that is “The Mountain (saying) hello to the small council with a polite fart.”

The fart joke immediately dominated the discussions in social media, perhaps even more than what occurred in the last episode of Game of Thrones. Metro gathered the Twitter reactions to the release of gas, and most of them range from shock to delight.

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If there’s any reason to doubt that Game of Thrones writers did insert a fart joke into the scene, Uproxx noted that this would not be the first. The last time it happened was way back in season 2 in 2013 when two soldiers were discussing if they could take any of the Lannisters or Tyrells .

One of them stood up after “hearing” something. He readies his sword while waiting for the other soldier to get up. Suddenly, he lets out a fart.

See (or hear) the fart joke scene on Game of Thrones season 2: