The love-life of Kirsten Dunst and Garret Hedlund has ended. This would most probably be one of the major Hollywood splits of the year.  Call it destiny or a self-taken-decision but this duo will no longer be seen together sharing a romantic bonding. “Fargo” star Dunst, 33, and “Pan” actor Hedlund , 31, broke up after a four-year long committed relationship.

The couple first got together on the set of “On the Road” in 2011. Last summer, the typically confidential American blonde beauty opened up about her relationship, stating things were going “really well” between her and Hedlund.

In a recent interview with Britain’s InStyle magazine, Dunst told of how strong their relationship was. She shared, “I feel like we’re good at doing our own thing but also at coming together.””In other relationships… Just we were too enmeshed. We had to do everything together.” The actress added, “I see reflected in him (Hedlund) what I see in myself: sensitivity and someone who’s family-oriented. Look. All I can say is it’s my longest relationship, so it’s working, right?”

Celebrity Gossip  says Dunst even hinted she might be walking down the aisle with Hedlund very soon. “I am someone who wants to get married… If it happens in my mid-to-late 30s, it’s going to be intimate,” she smiled. “Courthouse, dinner party and DJ with friends and family. I’ll treat it like it would be my fortieth birthday.”

She conveyed to Town & Country, “We’re the same age. We have similar backgrounds. He feels like family to me.” Dunst also expressed that she is also ready to be a mother since two of her friends were pregnant. To Red U.K., she confessed, “Thirty-three is a good age to have your first baby.”

“I want to continue acting, but I also want to have kids,” she shared. “I think I’ll be ready to have them in two years or something.” Ironically, now it might not happen as the pair splits.

What looks a bit surprising is that Hedlund is never seen commenting on his take on fatherhood. Is it his unwillingness for parenthood which caused the split?

While Dunst has opened up about their break up, Hedlund is yet to give his response to the news.