Some may have overlooked the new “Far Cry” game, but the newest chapter from the popular franchise went pre-historic to give a refreshing take on the series. A new update has arrived for “Far Cry Primal” which features a new game mode and 4K resolution for PC users.

VG24/7 shares the report on the new additions to “Far Cry Primal.” The patch will vary per platform:

  • PC (1.1 GB)
  • PS4 (849 MB)
  • Xbox One (817 MB)

The HD Texture pack is only available for the PC — around 3.5 GB — and is an optional download for those who want to set the game to a much higher setting.

NEW – Survivor Mode

  • Available in New Gameplay Options when starting a New Game

NEW – Stamina Bar added

  • Stamina depletes slowly during gameplay
  • Stamina depletes faster when walking/running/being in combat
  • Fast travel consumes stamina
  • Stamina can be regenerated by sleeping and eating food
  • Manual heal and fast travel costs stamina
  • Low stamina slows down movement and health regen. At 0 stamina, manual heal and fast travel are disabled.

Tamed Beasts

  • NEW – Permadeath for Tamed Beasts
    • If a Beast dies, the player must find and tame a new one
    • This also applies to Legendary Beasts, they can never be found again if they die
    • Skinning a Beast after they die gives you a skin
  • NEW – Beast riding fatigue introduced – After some time of continuous riding, mounted Beast will start taking damage
    • In order to activate the taming option for Sabretooth Tigers, Brown Bears and Cave Bears, you must first inflict them serious damage
    • Non-legendary tamed Beasts health has been reduced
    • Owl attacks and bomb drops have been disabled

NEW – Permadeath

  • Available in New Gameplay Options when starting a New Game with Survivor Mode turned On
  • Three Options Available – Off, On, Second Chance
    • Off – You respawn when you die
    • On – The game is over when you die
    • Second Chance – You only respawn if you completed enough of the game since your last death (every 3% as depicted in the player’s overall progress)
  • Failing during Tensay’s Vision missions does not count as dying (You’re dreaming after all)

You can read the entire patch notes for the update of “Far Cry Primal” by heading to the Steam Community post.