The most recent update for “Far Cry Primal” will allow players to experience what it’s like being a mammoth.

According to ChristianPost, players who will order the PC version from specific retailers will get the “Legend of the Mammoth” content. It is part of the ”Far Cry Primal Collector’s Edition” and Special Editions which can only be bought from Amazon and Sony’s PlayStation Network. Those from the UK will have access to the Special Edition if they buy it from GAME while those from Ireland will have to purchase from Gamestop. Ubisoft made a clarification that pre-ordering from other sources will not guarantee the mammoth patch to be included in the game.

The exclusive patch allows gamers to play from a mammoth’s perspective with the help of a shaman’s drink as mentioned in VideoGamer. The Mammoth bonus will have about 45 minutes of supplementary gameplay featuring three missions. One mission is the “Duel of Beasts” where the mammoth protagonist must face the rival Rhino spirit. Another mission called “The Trapped Elder” will have the beast rescue the mammoth leader from the clutches of human headhunters. Finally, the “Hunt the Hunter” mission involves charging against human tribes with the help of the mammoth herd.

Ubisoft has already been released for PS4 and Xbox One players but, much to the bewilderment of the gaming community, the game publishing giant failed to add a “Season Pass” for the most recent Far Cry game and the aforementioned consoles. The gaming firm usually has the habit of including a pre-order bonus to their games.

They were able to do so with the recently released “Tom Clancy’s The Division” and “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.” There has been no official announcement as to why “Far Cry Primal” did not have such buying benefit.

Far Cry Primal” for PC is set to be launched this March 1.