Australian Liberal MP Dennis Jensen lost his job because of an unpublished fantasy war thriller with sex scenes which he wrote. The excerpts from Dennis’s book “The Skywarriors” were leaked to the media last month.

The book was penned way back in 2007 but never found a publisher till now. “The Skywarriors” depicts a story where Indonesia  battles with Australia. However, the book is in the limelight for its racy sex scenes.

According to Jensen, the scene which created the controversy only comprises  “164 words out of 69000”.

He told ABC, “Basically, the reason for the racy section in the first place is my Dad is a journalist and also has written a couple of novels, and he was told by publishers that you needed to have at least one racy scene in the book, so that’s why I included it”

Following the media leak of the excerpts from the book Jensen’s political career was in trouble. He lost his seat as the Liberal MP. He accused former state director Ben Morton of leaking the book to damage his image.

Although Jensen admitted that pitching the novel was his mistake, he questioned the timing of the leak.The Liberal MP stated that the leak highly affected his re-election and was part of a “deliberate strategy.”

He further told ABC , “Look, I’ll say mea culpa on that. That was in my first term, I shouldn’t have done it, it was a mistake,” 

He noted, “Isn’t it interesting, it comes out 14 years after I wrote it, 9 years after I sent that out. I mean I had a preselection battle in 2009 and this didn’t come out, it’s really interesting that it’s come out a few days before the preselection.”

Dennis Jensen was supported by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The PM suggested that Jensen should be re-endorsed for the federal elections but preselectors did not like the idea much as they dumped him from the liberal seat of Tangney. What’s noteworthy is the fact that Jensen was holding the Tangney seat since 2004. There were two previous attempts to oust Jensen from his seat in the past, as stated by The Guardian.

Jensen has decided to self-publish the book that caused him so much trouble. It is available on Amazon at the price of $6.51 reported Junkee.

Recently, an Australian author, after his gender revelation, was banned from a couple of speaking engagements set at a Catholic school in Sydney.