Danielle Ceasar’s dreams have become a reality. This fangirl is now dating her celebrity crush, Jake T. Austin, who played the role of young wizard Max Russo in the Disney series “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Danielle has been tweeting about her star crush for almost five years now and she sends him regular tweets about how much she loves and adores the young star.

Then one fine day, Jake, who has 3.6 million Twitter followers and 1.3 million fans on Instagram, followed her back. News.com.au reports that this happened after the star met his super fan at a signing event in New York in 2011.

According to The Sun, she continued tweeting him and appreciating his acting successes. She also watches his show every Monday after Jake landed the role of Jesus Foster in “The Fosters.” Danielle tunes in religiously, expressing excitement especially when Jake appeared shirtless on screen.

Eventually, all this tweeting paid off. Jake posted a romantic photograph of him and Danielle on his Instagram, telling his fans how much he likes her. “I’m crazy for her,” read the caption for the photograph, which was liked by more than 130,000 people so far. The photograph has also received comments from more than 18,000 fans who appreciated this unique story.

I'm crazy for her. 💙

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The Sun quotes a user commenting “fangirl goals OMG.” Many have tagged their own star crushes, saying “this could be us, but you’re playing hard to get.” It also reports that Danielle has also posted a picture on her own private Instagram page. The photograph reportedly has a caption that reads, “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.”

We now can see that dreams come true and miracles do happen. It’s probably not for everyone, but it surely was one for Danielle Ceasar.