For fans out there still waiting for a “Family Guy” film, there is hope for your dream movie.

Cinema Blend reports that the idea for a major theatrical motion picture for the well-loved animated series may not be dead after all. The website refers to a tweet by “Family Guy” creator Seth McFarlane which answered a fan’s question about the long-planned movie.

The fan named Rob Leeming, who goes by the Twitter handle @GingeThink, decided to be blunt in asking McFarlane when will we stop ‘fannying’ around to get to work on a “Family Guy” film. His post can be seen below:
Meanwhile, McFarlane was quick to answer. The “Family Guy” creator’s reply tweet can be seen below:

However, although the word “soon” could translate to a very bright ray of hope for fans in anticipation, Cinema Blend points out that the word is as vague as it could be. The website recalls that the idea for “Family Guy” to go on the big screen has been around since 2008 so the word ‘soon’ could really mean anything.

If indeed a “Family Guy” movie will come out in theaters, GameSpot highlights that it would not be the first of its kind. The website recalls that back in 2005, the first movie was released titled “Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story”. That movie was released straight-to-DVD and was spliced into three to fit for TV broadcast.

Still, a report by IGN points out a statement made by McFarlane during his recent appearance at the San Diego Comic Con Panel. According to the website, McFarlane expressed then that he does not have any movies planned at the moment.

However, IGN also reflects that since it has been five months since Comic-Con, the time frame would be enough for McFarlane to change his mind and decide whether to push through with a second “Family Guy” film.

It remains to be seen whether hope of many “Family Guy” fans will be fulfilled in the near future.

“Family Guy” is now on its 14th season and airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. on Fox.