“Fallout 4” recently released the first mods for Xbox One gameplay. Bethesda, the game developer behind the “Fallout” game series, confirmed creating mods for PS4 as well.

According to Venture Beat, Bethesda created these mods  for the first time for console gameplay, specifically Xbox One.

It is also the first time that “Fallout 4” has a console version to add modules from the community.

These modules could allow gamers to install the game-altering content immediately after loading up the “Mods” option within the game. This could extend the life of the game.

Another advantage Bethesda saw in creating “Fallout 4” in Xbox One was to allow more avid gamers to sell more of the newly available download content directly to them.

Bethesda, the game developer, released a complete list of new mods in their official website. There were 881 mods they could check and try in console gaming.   

Most of them consisted of all weapons and armors, different kinds of ammo, craft items in stacks, campsite, glass combat armor, AEC compression test and Ring of Experience. Even the simple flight ring was included.

Through these new modules modified for Xbox One gameplay, avid “Fallout 4” gamers could customise their game and do crazy things like turning a dog into a cat.

One important notice they announced was that gamers who wanted to use all the mods listed need to download the “Fallout 4: Far Harbor” DLC first.

GameSpot stated that during last week’s live stream event by Bethesda, they said that for those who want to take advantage of the mods, the gamers need the “Far Harbor” expansion first before they could enjoy the 881 new Xbox One mods.

They also confirmed that they are creating the PlayStation 4 version of “Fallout 4” mods, which will arrive around June this year. 

The same source also said that Bethesda announced that they were creating “Fallout 4” mods for consoles last year during the E3 game exhibition.

This was also the main reason why the game developer had to partner with Microsoft to have an Xbox One version of these modules.

Watch “Fallout 4” list of Mods and the Creation Kit here!