Another “Fallout 4” video has surfaced and it shows one epic battle between a massive number of deathclaw creatures and prime robots.

Kotaku reports that YouTuber EZPlays shared another fantasy battle from “Fallout 4” featuring a thousand of the deadly Deathclaw creatures trying to defeat ten Liberty Primes. The website describes the robots as the “greatest technological achievements of post-apocalyptic mankind” so although the numbers (1000 vs. 10) looks like a major mismatch, it actually isn’t.

You can watch the almost-3-minute video below to witness the battle for yourself:

Despite the short time frame of the clip, the battle shows the intensity between the two creatures pitted against each other. The video begins with a shot of the Liberty Primes standing back-to-back while surrounded by the Deathclaw army. When the battle begins, the Primes do not have a hard time fending off the enemy by blasting the Deathclaws. Meanwhile, despite the power they are up against, the Deathclaws do not give up in aggressively attacking the robots.

In the end, the Deathclaws prove to be no match against the robots because the video ends with the Primes standing unscathed over the dead bodies of the creatures.

Game Rant does not dismiss the ferocity of deathclaws and even names the creatures as the top predator of the Boston Commonwealth. The website also recalls that deathclaws have been pitted against other creatures before in massive scale battles, including 30, 000 deathclaws facing off with only 300 Super Mutants. Game Rant emphasizes that the creatures’ battle with Liberty Primes is a unique one.

However, face-offs involving deathclaws are not the only massive “Fallout 4” battles that the Internet has seen.

GameSpot recalls the video of 50 Raiders and 50 Synths “mercilessly gunning each other down” that was released in November as another epic battle.

“Fallout 4”, according to GameSpot, made it to Amazon’s top-selling titles during the holidays.