Fallout 4” mods and the Creation Kit will soon be out in the wild. The title will only expand further, much to the delight of ardent gamers out there.

As shared by GottaBeMobile, with Bethesda in plans to release the official mods and add much more more content to the existing quests and characters, things are going to take a massive turn. As per report, the makers are looking at rolling-out $56 (US$40) worth of DLC for “Fallout 4.”

With the upcoming DLC gearing to arrive in the beginning half of the year, and no concrete details on the official mods yet, Pete Hines is asking gamers to sit tight. A crude variant of mods for the PC is already out there, but it “won’t be much longer” before avid gamers know, what exactly lies in store for them.

Talking about the mods in an interview, Hines had shared, “This is not about, ‘You have to have a PC,’ ‘You have to do it yourself.’ The idea is you go to play the game, there’s a menu option, you click on it, and there’s a bunch of stuff for you to download. You click on the stuff that you want and you start playing a game with these new mods. So we want it to be a really streamlined, fun experience. There’s still specifics that we have to work out. It’s part of our post-launch plan.” Fans will eagerly be waiting for the D-day to arrive and soon.

In another news, ardent gamers, who weren’t impressed with Fallout 4’s Survival mode, would be delighted to know that the additions are on the way.

A tweet from Bethesda revealed that, the overhauled “Fallout 4” Survival mode will feature, “Food, sleep, diseases, danger and more.” This would add another level of difficulty to the game.

As noted by Digital Trends, currently the gamers have to deal with enemies doing greater damage and slower healing powers, under the existing Survival mode. The additions to the mode could definitely be a game changer, since this makes the challenge more dynamic rather than just running on a linear scale.

Facing challenges, such as stronger enemies and slow healing, only required players to exert more caution. But dealing with food, sleep and diseases and other dangers is bound to add a whole another layer of excitement to the title.

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