Ardent gamers may soon take a liking to one of the new mods for “Fallout 4,” which has been creating headlines since it was posted.

Bethesda is yet to officially roll out the modding tools for the title, but those very innovative modders out there have taken the available files to create different mods, which are bound to garner the attention of the fans. This particular mod ranges from hilarious to creepy. As shared by CinemaBlend, it is the “facial distortion mod,” which according to the creator, makes the reactions of the characters more “immersive.”

NexusMods user AronoxAE has been working on the mod, which adds more expression to the “Fallout 4” characters. Check out the video of the mod below and decide whether you find it to be absolutely hilarious or a bit creepy.

The creepy moments are caused by the video not being just right. As many may have noticed, the distortion of the “Fallout 4” characters makes for a creepy image. The trend of the creepy, distorted faces continue on to the second video posted by YouTuber Duck RubaDub, showing-off more characters from the popular title.

For those interested, the mod is currently available for download. It is noteworthy that the mod won’t be affecting the saved game. Also, players won’t have to be shelling out anything to be getting their hands on the mod. In a move that may have been appreciated by many gamers out there, Bethesda had announced that when it comes to “Fallout 4,” they won’t be extending support to paid mods.

Gamers can head here to install the mod and note that “the files cannot be used in conjunction with any commercially released products.”

Players can sound their thoughts about the videos in the comments section below. Keep coming back for more updates on “Fallout 4.”