Things are strange out there but certainly you start to feel at home right in the middle of the wasteland. The concept of humanity being lost in the game is truly explored in the visuals and the onus is upon the players how they will rebuild the world.

When you possibly start to adapt to the wilderness around you in the post-nuclear setting, you start to unveil certain secrets hidden in the map. Your moments of strangeness becomes an exciting exploration, notes arsTechnica.

According to Forbes, some of the best secrets found in Fallout 4 so far are as follows.

Cheers: Forbes quotes, “Just west of Boston Common a small set of stairs leads you to the Prost Bar, an obvious recreation of the 80′s sitcom set. There’s the main bar, a pool table in the back and Sam’s office complete with baseball memorabilia. The most poignant moment in Prost, however, are the two skeletons seated just at the end of the bar: one in a mailman outfit, meant to be Cliff, the other one assumed to be Norm.”

The X-01 Power Armor: As you are heading towards Fallout 4 end game, this armor is a must. Though its difficult to locate the armor in the wilderness, “The X-01 power armor offers the best stats of any armor set in the game, even more-so if you’ve got the perks necessary to mod it to its maximum potential. You’ll find the X-01 power armor east of Goodneighbor.”

The Alien Blaster: Who would want to miss this opportunity of looting the wounded Alien beside a smoldering wreckage of an alien spacecraft? The wreckage located just south of the Beantown Brewery, on the South bank near the bend in the Charles river, the green trail of blood makes things much interesting before you own the Alien Blaster.

Jaws: Do you recall Stephen Spielberg’s Jaws? You will find a skeleton decked out in blue with a bandanna and a machete, beside a boat located northwest of the Diamond City.

Maze House: This is related to some deep terrifying world that Bethesda has created with a “Saw” like moment with two jail cells, each of them rigged up with cables and full of goodies. The Maze House is a “bizarre labyrinth of traps and death,” to the east of Milton General Hospital.