The “Fallout 4”  Far Harbor DLC was released this month. Bethesda also added new items, new adventures and new quests to different gaming platforms to upgrade gaming experience. However, gamers didn’t like them in PS4.

Bethesda found difficulty in releasing the new add-ons for “Fallout 4” gameplay. They thought about adding new items, new adventures and new quests for the players’ quality experience.

In fact, they released the new DLC across all platforms—Xbox One, PS4 and PC—in the United States and around the globe months ago.

However, according to Gotta Be Mobile, there were some regions that were not able to experience this advantage. Japan is one of them, with only PS4 gameplay available, Sony confirmed.

What is more interesting is that The Bit Bag reported that among the platforms, the avid “Fallout 4” gamers didn’t like playing it in PS4.

Gamers struggled with a lot of technical issues after the PS4 version of “Fallout 4” Far Harbor DLC was released. Though Bethesda has resolved the problem, the bugs are still there.

The players said that these in-game problems occurred right after they installed the new DLC. It lowered the frame rate between 15fps to 20fps.

Bethesda tweeted regarding this concern. They stated, “We’ve submitted our update to Sony to resolve performance issues affecting some within Far Harbor. We will notify everyone when it’s live.”

Not only the PS4 players but the Xbox One players also encountered the same problems. It seemed that the “Fallout 4” Far Harbor DLC caused massive gaming problems.

Aside from problems playing the game in this console, they also experienced release date delay.

Non-US players hope to receive these new features within this month, days after it was officially released.

Bethesda has not released any official statement about international releases and patch releases to fix the technical issues on both consoles yet.

Stay tuned for more “Fallout 4” Far Harbor DLC updates!