DLC has announced the release date for the Far Harbor and with it, some information has also been revealed. Generally, Fallout 4 is filled with lots of adventures, quests, and items, the Bethesda Game studios (who have developed the Fallout 4) have revealed some information regarding the game.

So here’s what we can reveal:

Mysterious island called Far Harbor

The game will lead through a place called Far Habour- a fictional depiction of Bar Harbor, which is a popular tourist destination in Maine.

Players can travel through the coast of Maine and enter into the feral world of Far Harbor. The location is hit with radiation and the levels are high. So it would give an eerie quality. Here Players will have to search for a young woman and a secret colony of synths. The mission in the game seems to be the players to work hard and bring peace on the island amidst the growing conflict of synths. It is created by the Children of Atom and locals, notes Neurogadget.

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The developer of the game Bethesda during the release has said that they have created the largest landmass and it is filled with new faction quests, settlements, lethal creatures, and dungeons. The game also makes players more powerful and are allowed to access to higher-level armor and weapons.

Far Harbor will be released on May 19

When Bethesda didn’t divulge any information regarding the release date when it was first announced with a third add-on. With the release history of the first two expansions, we could make our guesses.

The gaming company had released the Automation on March 22 and Wasteland Workshop was out on April 12. As the date fell on a Tuesday so fans were expecting that Far Harbor would be rolled out on a Tuesday in May.

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However, things have changed a bit now. Bethesda has declared that the release date of Fall Harbor will be on the 19th of May and it is not a Tuesday, notes Sunday Express. This means it certainly follows a pattern of monthly expansion releases.

Fans also believe that the company will be rolling out the Far Harbor around midnight, similar to its previous two add-ons.

For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC Far Harbor will cost US$24.99 ($34).