It was only yesterday that the report about a modder going by the name xxdeathknight72xx stumbling upon a find in “Fallout 4” came out.

In a report by  GameSpot,  it was noted that modder xxdeathknight72xx discovered a harpoon-style gun, apparently something which wasn’t meant for players to find. This is based on the fact that the animation of the gun, with very faint trails of bubbles coming out of it, appears to be unfinished. However, the bubbles does seem to indicate that it is meant for underwater use.

Since the word about it being discovered got out, ardent gamers have been speculating over what could its presence really mean. According to Irish Examiner, since the bubbles indicate that it is a weapon for underwater use, gamers may likely see upgrades to that part of the landscape in the game.

Currently it is possible to  tread underwater in the game but there is nothing to go on about, so could there be something coming up in the new DLC packs? Whether Bethesda has plans to expand the underwater world or whether the gun was just placed as a part of the quest remains to be seen.

Reportedly, Todd Howard – game director of Fallout 4 – mentioned that the DLC packs for the title will feature content based on feedback received from gamers. After the discovery of the gun which leaves behind trails of bubble, fans may probably want to witness its maximum potential.

Ardent gamers may be seen requesting expansion or addition of different creatures to the underwater world, which they could attempt to tackle with the recently discovered ammunition in the game.

Ardent gamers can head to Nexus Mods  in order to get their hands on the instructions for uncovering the Harpoon-style gun, which have been placed by  modder xxdeathknight72xx.

“Fallout 4” players can drop a line in the comments section below to tell us what they would like the upcoming DLC to bring for them.