Bethesda has recently announced that the newest and biggest “Fallout 4” DLC, “Far Harbor,” will be released on May 19, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Compared with previous expansions, “Far Harbor” appears to be a full-sized story-based add-on.

In this newest DLC, players will be transported to Commonwealth to Maine, or Far Harbor in “Fallout 4.” As Nerdist suggested, players will be locked in “a power struggle between Far Harbor’s local townspeople, a new group of synths, and the Children of Atom, the religious cult that sees the atomic destruction of the Great War as a holy event.”

As the release date for the new “Fallout 4” DLC draws near, updates about its content have started to leak online.  Just recently, the trophy list has already been shared online even before its May 19 launch.

There are reportedly 10 new trophies- nine bronze and one silver.  As iDigital Times mentioned, five of these trophies are story based, while the other half will be focused on the new content.

The five story-based trophies include:

  • Close to Home (silver trophy)
  • Far From Home
  • Where You Belong
  • The Way Life Should Be
  • Cleansing the Land

The other five trophies are:

  • New England Vacationer – discover 20 Far Harbor locations
  • Push Back the Fog – unlock three Far Harbor workshop locations
  • Hooked – defeat 30 Far Harbor sea creatures
  • Just Add Saltwater – cook one of the Far Harbor recipes
  • The Islander’s Almanac – collect all of the Islander’s Almanac magazine issues

Meanwhile, apart from the biggest “Fallout 4” DLC, Bethesda Marketing VP Pete Hines has already teased the development of additional content after “Far Harbor.”  More details about these future releases are set to be announced at Bethesda’s showcase at the E3 2016, Gamepur hinted.

“We have more planned after Far Harbor,” Hines said in a Twitter reply. “have not given details on how many, when, etc. stay tuned.”