Fallout 4 players can try out something different this time, so instead of playing as a human, it is time to venture around Commonwealth as a dog. That is right, the latest Fallout 4 mod will let you play as Dogmeat, though the game cannot really allow players to play as a dog. The mod managed to bypass that and gives you a different perspective once you try out the dog mod.

Kotaku shared the news about the new Be The Dog – Playable Dogs mod and GameSpot managed to get more info. However when playing as a dog, there will be restrictions on the gameplay, such as armor as you can only equip dog gear for your (dog) character. Another is that you cannot use any weapons, especially guns. In order to attack, players must use different selection of bite attacks from running and jumping bites. Aside from playing as Dogmeat, players can choose from a variety of other dog characters, such as a feral dog or even a puppy. During the game players can still recruit Dogmeat as their companion, which can be weird to have to Dogmeats in a playthrough.

Though the mod may be popular, it still has its share of game issues, as one example is the inaccessibility of the Pip-Boy when in first person view, so players must change their camera view to access the Pip-Boy, it also crashes when the mod is being used during the opening scene of the game where the player touches his/her baby and interacting with their spouse. But playing as a dog is still fun nonetheless.

Players can install the mod by reading the instructions as well as getting the mod can be found in the Nexusmods website. You can watch the gameplay footage of the mod that was uploaded by Mephykuns.

The upcoming DLC for Fallout 4 titled Automatron, arrives on March 22.