After a very long wait, the Fallen movie trailer finally arrived. The trailer’s faithful treatment of the source material would certainly please fans of the book. However, despite the trailer drop, it seems fans have a bigger responsibility to get the word out for the film.

According to a report from Coming Soon, Relativity Studio’s Ryan Kavanaugh encouraged fans to retweet the trailer. The source details that the purpose for this is for the company to gauge what kind of demand exists for the film. The coming days will tell how the encouragement from Kavanaugh will fare.

Nevertheless, even if there’s no US release date yet, Coming Soon reports that Fallen launches in Singapore and Thailand this November.

Fallen movie trailer

You can check the trailer for yourself in the tweet below.

For the uninitiated, the Fallen movie derives from Lauren Kate’s first book in the Fallen series. It tells the story of Luce, a girl force to boarding school after an incident leading to a boy’s death.

In Sword and Cross, Luce meets Daniel who she thinks is very familiar to her. The trailer itself reveals this piece of information and more. What’s interesting about the trailer is it unveils one of the most crucial elements in the story: Daniel’s real identity.

Still, the deeper explanation as to how Luce, Daniel and their pasts intertwine will be an interesting point to look forward to for people who didn’t read the books.

The performance of Fallen in the box office will be an important judge as to whether the three remaining books in the series would come to life as well. Torment, Passion, and Rapture–the second, third, and fourth books, respectively–dig deeper to Luce’s past. It also introduces more characters that sheds light into the series’ ultimate reveal about who Luce really is.

If you’re a fan of Fallen, make sure to retweet the Fallen movie trailer. Check back for more news on the film.