There is still no word on The Fall season 3 release date. However, a new promo for the series shows never before seen footage. Does this mean the premiere of the show’s new season is closer?

A preview of the promo comes from RTE One which was then shared by multiple accounts on YouTube.

Though the promo is only a 30-seconder, it’s enough for fans highly-anticipating the continuation of the series. It begins with a voice over from Detective Chief Inspector Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson). She asks, “Will he live?”

The video then quickly intensifies as another man–presumably a medical personnel–says in the background that “there’s no pulse”. The man fighting for his life is no other than Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan). Season 2 ended with Spector sustaining a gunshot wound from Jimmy Tyler (Brian Milligan), a former client.

Aside from Spector and Gibson, other characters also make it to the promo. One of them is Katie Benedetto (Aisling Franciosi) who appears frantic. She tells her mom that she needs to see Spector. However, her mom does not permit her to and warns of calling the police.

Finally, Spector’s first ever victim Rose Stagg, also makes an appearance. Viewers would recall that Rose helped Gibson offer clues to Spector’s personality, only to end up being kidnapped by him. Nevertheless, last season’s finale revealed that she’s still alive.

With her featured in the promo, it seems Rose has a bigger role to play come season 3.

The Fall season 3 release date

Though the promo only teases “Coming Soon” for season 3’s release date, it could be closer than audiences think. After all, the other trailers that came before it are content from the previous season.

The incorporation of new footage means that it’s only a matter of time before BBC Two announces an official release date.

Stay tuned for updates on The Fall season 3 release date.