With every chapter “Fairy Tail” is becoming even more interesting. Chapter 490 titled as “Fairy Tail Zero,”  has something even bigger surprise! Is it hinting towards Acnologia being brought back by Gajeel? The revelations are here below.

Not able to get ready for the most terrible thing, darkness consumed Acnologia and dragged him into a black hole formed by the magic of Eileen. In “Fairy Tail” Chapter 490 spoilers shows Gajeel patting Lily’s shoulders, saying him ‘he is back.’ He then smiled to Levy, who’s happened knew no bounds, not being thinking much to question him about his arrival.

Fans must be looking forward to the re-emergence of miracles of Gajeel. Possibly, he would if a dimension-related stunt was carried out or people gifted with dark magic abilities helped to drag him back. It can be possible either way, after all, it is “Fairy Tail.”

In the latest chapter, August was seen casting a magical spell which shook the land, leading Lucy and Natsu dropping to the ground. Meanwhile, Eileen displayed her enchantment skills. As she waved her staff, a ball of earth was created and was tossed toward the dragon. Hall of Fame Magazine reports.

On a personal note, Eileen described the technique used by her as modern magic. Her magic has the potential to stop Acnologia’s ancient ones. The Springgan 12 member also hinted towards the possibility of the defeat of the dragon by Zeref. The fight continued, leaving Acnologia astonished every now and then until Eileen finally stimulated Universe One.

Like ‘akasukigogeta’ of One Piece Forum recommended, Eileen’s magic would in all probability be sheltered in her own universe. ‘KGB’ agreed and stated that the moment he got to know about Universe One, a notion about a Multiverse Theory sprang up and that will by some means effect to Gajeel’s return.

Considering all these developments, there is a likelihood that fans might witness Gajeel in Fairy Tail Chapter 490.