Apple earned Twitter and Facebook support through the efforts of the social media networks to take part of a supporting security claim while Microsoft will soon follow. The confirmation was made by Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, during a meeting with the house judiciary committee on Feb 25, Thursday.

The tech firms are joining together to support Apple regardless of the efforts made by a senior government officer earlier this year. An industry representative said that they are united and currently doing something taht will become a combined submission to the court.

Apple, in its 36-page legal answer, maintained that the unprecedented request by the FBI is a violation of freedom of speech, as it demands for access to the phone of the suspect of the San Bernardino attack.  The legal response was a formal rebuttal to an order issued by the federal court that will write and design software, which could help the investigators unlock the suspect’s phone.

The iPhone maker’s lawyers argued that the government is looking for a dangerous tool. The Americans and the US Congress have withheld the power to compel firms such as Apple Inc. to compromise the privacy and basic security interests of individuals around the world, The Guardian reported.

Apple’s legal team headed by Theodore Olled, a former solicitor general during the Bush’s administration, referred to the government as not just an indifferent entity to users’ privacy issues, but also a group of people who are putting the customer’s digital lives at risk. Their request to open the San Bernardino attack suspect’s iPhone device implyies that the government is somehow planning a cyber attack on several Apple users.

Apple showed its continued support to the efforts of the US to fight terrorism acts as evidenced in its history of cooperation with some legally authentic government requests for data. However, the recent legal brief strongly emphasizes that the company will not comply with an order that places constitutional rights in jeopardy, Reuters reported.