Over the years, Facebook has made giant leaps towards the future of the internet. The largest social network has already amassed over a billion of users during its course, but the company isn’t planning on stopping any time soon. Facebook has just held its annual F8 conference for developers and it unveiled its plans for the next decade. The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, took it to the stage and laid out what it has in store for its platforms. Here are five of the most important things you should know:

1. Facebook has just announced that its Messenger platform will have automated customer support, as well as e-commerce guidance and new interactive experiences through chatbots. These chatbots will herald in a new age of business frontlines and could even replace call centers as a customer solution.

2. Facebook has been making a strong push in live videos and it’s making upgrades to improve its services. There’s a new Live tab in the Facebook app that will bring your circle of friends, the people you follow, and the influencers in the platform into the limelight. The company also unveiled its Live API with drone maker DJI. Furthermore, developers will also now be capable of directly integrating the Live platform into their apps to make streaming widely available.

3. Facebook’s Surround 360 is the company’s very own open source VR camera that it created from the ground up. It features a 17-lens 3D VR setup, and it’s capable of producing ultra high-definition videos of up to 8K.

4. Facebook could also be planning on ditching passwords as it releases a new tool called Account Kit. It’s a new tool that will let users sign in to apps using just a phone number or a simple email address.

5. Facebook has just opened up its Instant Articles to all publishers, thus allowing content pushers to deliver a fast and distraction-free platform for its readers.