Whenever there’s a birthday, Facebook sends you a notification and lets you know right ahead so you won’t be the forgetful one when it comes to greetings and celebrations. However, while the simple text greeting on the person’s wall or through a message may seem heartfelt and thoughtful, it seems kind of stale and effortless, so to speak. The largest social network now wants you to do it differently.

Facebook now lets you record a more legitimate, heartfelt way of greeting someone through its new Birthday Cam feature. A banner on the birthday celebrant will ask you to capture a 15-second video message. You can also add special birthday frames to design your video message before posting it on the celebrant’s wall.

Facebook has developed more interactive ways in socialising with peers and followers over the years of its presence, and the latest Birthday Cam feature comes as one of the perfect additions to the platform. Typically, people send a short and simple “HBD,” “Happy Birthday!” or any derivative form of it to anyone who’s celebrating their birthdays. At most times, people even greet those who they don’t even know. With the Birthday Cam feature, greeting messages become more personalised and heartfelt since since it adds a genuine touch even without making too much effort.

Of course, there are also people who go the extra mile in sending their greetings to birthday celebrants. Most times, it doesn’t even involve the use of Facebook or other forms of social media. Facebook’s latest feature, on the other hand, can count as an added thought.

However, the Birthday Cam feature is currently available only on the iOS platform, and it’s still unknown at the time of writing when Facebook will release it on Android. However, with Google’s ubiquitous mobile operating system taking the lion’s share of the mobile market, it’s easy to expect that it will come up on the platform soon enough.