Snapchat is giving sleepless nights to Facebook. Reportedly, the company is working on an app which would be similar to Snapchat.

The company is currently developing a standalone camera app aimed to “encourage its 1.6 billion users to create, and share more photos and videos,” notes The Wall Street Journal.

The publication has also credited unnamed sources which are familiar with Facebook’s plans. It says that the app is now in the developing stage and a team in London will clone Snapchat. The report has stated that app will launch the camera, similar to Snapchat and will be linked to Instagram and other Facebook-owned apps. In addition, live stream feature will be added for the users to share the streamed video on Facebook.

However, Mashable notes that the social media giant had declined to comment on the report. Reports even suggest that the company is working on a standalone app for 360-degree videos.

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It is not the first time that the Social media giant has attempted to develop an app which would become as popular like Snapchat and Whatsapp.

There have been some attempts to release a camera app  in the past but couldn’t take off as expected.

In 2012, the social media giant developed an app called Facebook Camera, similar to Instagram that would share the images on Facebook. But it was released just weeks after acquiring Instagram.

The same year it also created an app called Facebook Poke, a first attempt at s Snapchat clone. However, Poke failed to gain traction, and it was pulled from the App Store in 2014.

In 2014, Slingshot app was launched. It is messaging app similar to WhatsApp. Users didn’t need an FB account to use it. But later in 2015, the social media giant pulled out the app.

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The Instagram team had developed an experimental app called Bolt in 2014. The app was initially launched in New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa; however, due to some reasons, it was removed from the App store in 2015.

Last year, Riff was launched that premised on groups of friends who can remix a video and share it on social media. However, it was also pulled out later that year.