Facebook on Thursday unveiled an update to its iOS Messenger app while the Android app was updated on Wednesday. Generally, when Facebook updates its apps it’s never clear and updates like these are accompanied by a change log that has “various bug fixes”.

For the first time, the social media giant provided some advice in the change log. It reads, “Shoot Some Hoops: Want to see what’s hiding behind the basketball emoji in Messenger? Just send one and tap to find out!”

You will have to follow the directions in the Messenger and you will be able to see the arcade-style basketball game. You will have to flick a basketball towards a hoop and when you make of miss basket, the Facebook stickers and emojis cheer you on.

Users will have to first open a Messenger conversation and send a basketball emoji to start a game. After sending it, tap on the emoji and Messenger and the basketball game would begin. However, it’s worth noting that the users will have to install the latest version. Initially, double-tap on the ball would work but later, the single tap would work subsequently, notes CNET.

The Messenger also shows high scores in the conversation thread, through which your friends would also know your score. Both recipients can share their high score.

Once you reach 10 in a row, the basket begins to move across the screen, similar to the arcade. This makes the game more hard and challenging. It would be impressive if you can get to 30.

However, Facebook has not just included the basketball game, last month it launched the chess game in the chat. For which, you will have to type “@fbchess” into your chat box with a friend and engages them in some Messenger-based game, notes PC Mag.

Users can also just send @dailycute back and forth if you are done with the game for the day.