Facebook Messenger now allows you to take group VoIP audio call from any chat group. Over the next 24 hours, Facebook would be rolling out the feature globally on Android and iOS for free.

Facebook Messenger app has a phone icon where a user can select a certain group chat members to include and all the members will receive a Messenger call simultaneously. Even though the initial call was missed, users can still join the call by tapping on the phone icon in the group chat, provided the call is in progress. It also allows you to see who’s on the call and can send a ping to anyone who hasn’t joined, notes PC Mag.

Facebook now says that the participant limit is 50, according to Tech Crunch. As Snapchat was giving Facebook sleepless nights, the company has rolled out the cool feature in the Messenger app and it also lets its users put a dynamic muting or quieting of the background noise of people who aren’t talking while on call.

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The very first VoIP was started by Facebook in 2013, and a year later it fully rolled out one-on-one audio calls. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg had said that Messenger had already made up 10 percent of all mobile VoIP calls globally.

“There are situations where typing isn’t enough and when people prefer talking to one another,” a Messenger spokesperson told Tech Crunch.

The Messenger app allows you to block people, and due to Facebook’s spam detection systems, it’s tough for someone to create a new Facebook account to harass you.

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After introducing this feature, Messenger app could be used as a replacement for Skype. The app also provides to setup easy conference calls with people whose numbers you don’t have.

As more and more use cases of Messenger app encompass, users would the less likely to stray to one of its age-old competitors: SMS.