Mark Zuckerberg intends to build an Artificial Intelligence assistant similar to Iron Man’s Jarvis to help out in his work and at home. He added that what AI lacks now is the capability to learn on its own.

As it stands, AI learns primarily through pattern matching which is done under the supervision of humans. AI won’t be able to tell what something is without being guided by a person. In other words, Artificial Intelligence does not have common sense.

That is why according to CNN, Zuckerberg believes that the next step of AI evolution is to teach it how to learn on its own.

This might sound alarming, especially with concerns of AI surpassing human intelligence, but Zuckerberg reassures in his post that we still have a long way to go to reach that point.

There have been quite a number of prominent people who warned against the potential risks of developing artificial intelligence. AI has the potential of evolving faster than humans and this could spell the doom of the human race as what can be seen in most science fiction films that involve comparison between humans and robots.

Zuckerberg attempts to ease this fear by saying that it is incorrect and “we fundamentally do not understand how general learning works.” He believes that the promises of a smarter AI are more geared towards the positive rather than destructive, especially for humans. He calls everyone to see the development of complicated computing systems as an opportunity for a better world.

Meanwhile, according to iDigital Times, humans are already reaping the benefits of simple Artificial Intelligence. With electronic systems that can drive cars on their own, diagnose diseases and many other simple to sophisticated functions, the advantages of smarter AI are endless if only it is capable of unsupervised learning.

In line with this, Elon Musk and other big names in technology intend to invest $1 billion in a non-profit Artificial Intelligence research and how it can benefit humanity.