Facebook listens to everything we talk on our phones and it might be sneaking into the privacy of people. The social media giant is using information related to the interests of people. It spies on what people are talking to each other.

Kelli Burns, a mass communication professor at the University of South Florida, verified that the social media giant was indeed checking her phone calls and sent her ads related to it.

Burns was talking about her African safari and how amazing it would be to drive safari jeeps. Within a minute, the site suggested a feed about safari with a car ad. That’s too fast of the suggestion!

“I don’t think that people realize how much Facebook is tracking every move we’re making online,” she said to NBC.

“Anything that you’re doing on your phone, Facebook is watching,” she added.

She said she was not sure whether Facebook was actually listening to her conversation. “That is kind of weird. I’m still not so sure this isn’t just coincidence,” she said.

Well, Facebook admitted that it does listen to what people talk about and what happens around them, according to Independent. However, the site said that the it does not use audio for suggesting ads and news feeds.

“Facebook does not use microphone audio to inform advertising or News Feed stories in any way,” a spokesperson said.

“Businesses are able to serve relevant ads based on people’s interests and other demographic information, but not through an audio collection.”

In 2014, Facebook faced backlash over the same feature which allowed it to listen to the users’ background sounds like songs, TV shows, and conversations, through phone’s microphone.

“We’re not recording audio or sound and sending it to Facebook or its servers,” said Facebook spokesperson Momo Zhou in a report by Forbes.

“We turn the audio it hears into a code — code that is not reversible into audio — and then we match it against a database of code.”