“Fable Legends” beta has officially closed and Microsoft has announced that players who purchased items in the game will be able to get a refund. IGN shares the report of the closure of the beta server of Fable Legends.

The game was originally announced to shut down last March along with the “Project Knoxville” game that is under development, which also caused the closure of Lionhead Studios in the United Kingdom and even Press Play Studios in Denmark. However, despite the announcement of ceasing development for Fable Legends, the beta test still continued for another month, although the in-game purchases of the game were deactivated until its ill-fated server closure.

Those who purchased microtransactions in the game will be able to get their refund. According to the official post on the Fable Legends website, players can check their Microsoft account if the refund was already provided; however, in case the refund money was not delivered yet to the accounts, players can wait for a notification message from Microsoft for their refunds. If it still does not appear, players can send their concerns at the Xbox customer support.

“Fable Legends” was announced in August 2013 as a cooperative action role-playing game based on the Fable RPG franchise by Microsoft.

A gameplay footage was then revealed in June 2014 followed by a closed beta test on October 2014. The game was supposed to be an Xbox One and Windows 10 PC exclusive where the PC version will get DirectX 12 support for enhanced visuals.

It was then announced in January 2015 that the game will be using a free-to-play business model where it will introduce microtransactions. In December 2015, it was announced that the game will be delaying its release to first or second quarter of 2016.