Reports of Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys running back, beating up a live-in girlfriend surfaced early today. The rookie running back is now under investigation for the alleged domestic violence.

The Accuser: Mystery Girlfriend

Police officers from the Columbus, Ohio Police Department responded to a domestic violence complaint Friday morning. The accuser was an unnamed 20-year old woman who claimed Ezekiel assaulted her. She was reportedly in the driver seat of her car and the altercation resulted in wrist pain and a red mark to prove it. However, the woman did not seek medical attention. She further claimed that she was Ezekiel’s live-in girlfriend.

Police reports indicate the 20-year old alleged girlfriend of Ezekiel stood 5’5″ and weighed 120lbs.

The Accused: Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott is a rookie running back for the Dallas Cowboys. The 21-year old is fresh off the NFL 2016 Draft where he was overall pick No. 4. Though he has yet to make an official statement, he has denied the allegations. The police also did not consider the incident serious enough to warrant Ezekiel’s arrest.

Ezekiel also denied living with the 20-year old woman. Instead he admitted he was indeed paying the woman’s rent along with co-signing for her car.

Meanwhile, Ezekiel’s father, Stacy has provided an official statement saying that Ezekiel did not commit any of the reported allegations. He further states that both the eyewitnesses and the police have ruled out any wrongdoing on Ezekiel’s part. He then said that Ezekiel will cooperate in future proceedings to shed light on the truth.

NFL Investigation on the Incident

Following the news of Ezekiel’s alleged assault, the NFL will do an investigation of their own regarding the incident, ProFootball Talks tweeted.

Despite Columbus police clearing Ezekiel on the matter, the NFL league office will continue to look into the matter and discern the young running back’s behavior, 10TV reports.

The unfortunate incident comes to sully the young running back’s 21st birthday and the beginning of his NFL career. Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys has stated they are still gathering details regarding the altercation.

Fans will know whether the rookie running back will appear at the Dallas Cowboys first game come NFL season this September 12.