An alleged homemade firework explosion rocked New York’s Central Park on Sunday morning, leading to a foot injury to an 18-year-old tourist.

The man, who was from Virginia, came to the place with two friends. His 18- and 20-year-old friends remained unharmed from the explosion, though. Officials stated that the man supposedly jumped off a rock and stepped on the explosive, thereby prompting the blast. They also claimed that there were no reasons to link the explosion with the extremists or ISIS. The explosive detonated on the eve of the 4th of July is believed not to have been designed to cause harm to anyone. The park close to 68th Street and 5th Avenue was affected by the explosion.

Reuters reported that the homemade explosive seemed to be fabricated by some amateur maker with an intention of creating noise and flash. According to a bystander, the blast had a cannon-like sound.  The victim’s pictures have been gathered, showing his foot that appears to be bandaged. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital following his immediate emergency treatment by medical technicians on the spot.

Police confirmed that the victim underwent a surgery as his case was a serious one. However, he was in a stable condition, the officers reported.

The NYPD bomb squad held a press conference at the Central Park on Sunday night. At the conference, the authorities stated that the victim and his two friends were not responsible for the blast. “The explosion could have been an experiment with fireworks or homemade explosives,” TWC News quoted Counter-terror Chief John O’Connell as saying. “We do not have any evidence of a constructed device or commercial-grade fireworks. We believe this could have been put here as some sort of experiment.

“It should also be noted that we do not consider the victim and his two friends to be part of the construction of this object,” O’Connell added.

Squad’s commanding officer Lieutenant Mark Torre, based on the forensic evidence, confirmed that the explosion was accidental and not intentional.

Meanwhile, New York teams have deployed Vapor Wake Detection dogs to keep a watch on the populous cities, especially on the holiday weekend. This is to ensure safety and protection to the United States, which is likely to be attacked by ISIS in the near future.