The summer drowning incidents have been continuing with the latest victim being the former judge Richard Gee who died after being pulled unconscious from a backyard pool. The former judge was found drowning at his Belrose home on Monday night.

Though he was pulled out of the pool, the judge could not survive. Richard Gee, the former Family Court judge, died at the age of 83. The head of the Family Court paid tribute to the summer drowning victim. Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant expressed his grief on the death of the ex-judge.

“He will be remembered as a wonderful individual and judge who provided inspirational service to the court and to the community,” Bryant said in a statement. “His exemplary dedication and commitment to the court was demonstrated by his brave decision to return to work following the horrific bombing of his family home.”

Newspaper The Australian remembers the arson attack in 1984 when Richard Gee and family survived an explosion. The series of attack was against judges and others related to the Family Court. During the attack, the family members were deep asleep. Though nothing happened to the judge’s family, the home was completely damaged.

Death Toll Continuously Rising With Ex-Judge Richard Gee Death

Police are likely to prepare a report on the circumstances leading to the deaths due to drowning. Richard Gee is the 18th person to have died from drowning in NSW. Other cases include well-known incidents of the death of three Sydney toddlers. Seeing the increasing drowning cases across the state NSW Premiere Mike Baird is expected to launch a strict advertising campaign to make sure the death toll due to drowning comes under control. On Monday, Royal Life Saving Society chief executive Justin Scarr told that the death toll is around three to four times more than what is expected over the Christmas and New Year period.

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