Another man from the Evil 8 pedophile ring has pleaded guilty on Thursday for sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl in front of her father.

The West Australian man, Ryan Trevor Clegg, admitted to his crime, saying that he had sex with the girl on four different occasions and in the presence of her father. He was found trying to avoid cameras after admitting the crime. He has been charged with 61 counts, the proceedings of which will be furthered later in 2016.

The Perth Magistrates Court also heard that it was the victim’s father who offered her up to the gang for the purpose. The bail tenure of Clegg has been renewed on September 30 in the West Australian District Court.

Besides the 42-year-old, six other men have been charged with sexually abusing the girl. The victim’s father has also pleaded guilty. The identity of the father has been kept to ensure the victim’s identity is not revealed. The father has been found guilty of 61 countable charges from 2013 to 2015. He has been imprisoned for over 22 years. The girl was abused by the Evil 8 gang between 11 and 13 years of age.

Clegg’s lawyer Natalia Tasic said that the former accepted all allegations except some factual things. The arrest of all the men involved in the matter came following Operation Ripstop that began in April 2015. The sexual assault done to the girl became the focus as District Court Judge Philip Eaton described it as one of the worst cases of child sex abuse.

“It involves the potential for negative impact upon your daughter for years to come,” Eaton told the girl’s father in June.

During one of the hearings, it was found that the girl’s father and Clegg contacted each other via an online classified advertisement after which they became good friends. They used to chat about the girl on Kik, a messaging service. This was what, according to the reports, motivated the man to have sex with the girl at different occasions, including at the child’s house as well as at a motel in Scarborough.

The West Australian reported another revelation about Clegg: his involvement in creating and distributing child pornography.