“Destiny” is starting to reveal its contents for the upcoming April patch update that promised players more balance tweaks and more content to add up on their game time. During a special live stream event, developer Bungie has revealed some of the details about the April update.

GameSpot reports the story on the patch update. The big update will include new content, including PvP & PvE content. Bungie has a 3-part promotion where they will reveal some tidbits about the update by parts and the most recent announcement was about the new challenges. So far it has been revealed that Destiny’s Light Level has increased to 335. The update will also expect new quests and strikes, where the Strike called the Blighted Chalice Strike will have a new boss called Malak, and the new Taken Strike called Winter’s Run, which is inside the Prison of Elders.

Aside from that, the co-op mission Prison of Elders will be boosted to level 41 and there will be a new activity called the Challenge of the Elder, in which a scorecard will be included that resets every week. New quests, such as the new At the Gates was mentioned though no specific details were told. Petra from House of Wolves will have new quests that are exclusive for PlayStation users.

But new contents were not just the only addition. There are some adjustments being made especially for the Crucible multiplayer, plus some changes are on the sandbox elements. It was even noted that the changes are more of a “quality of life” improvements to make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

As for those who are excited about the update, there will be more to reveal on March 30 for another live stream session and a final session on April 6 just before the expected release of the patch on April 12.  It will be free for those who have the Taken King expansion. You can check out the official Destiny website for the updates.