Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called Russia a bully following Ukraine’s Eurovision victory. Ukraine’s Jamala has won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which is the longest running annual international TV song competition.

Tony Abbott said that Australia should be prepared to face the defeat because Ukraine was a victim of a “bully”.

Abbott said, “I have a lot of goodwill for the Ukraine, I think the Ukraine has suffered a lot over the last couple of decades and I think they’re currently suffering at the hands of a bully. So if this helps their morale I think we should be prepared to accept second place.”

Russia, on the other hand, is calling for a review of Ukraine’s victory. According to ABC, Russian Singer Sergei Lazarev, managed to win third place after losing national jury tallies. Incidentally, he won most points from viewers.

After Jamala’s victory Russian senator Frants Klintsevich said, “It was not the Ukrainian singer Jamala and her song 1944 that won the Eurovision 2016, it was politics that beat art.” Klintsevich also called for Russia to skip next year’s Contest.

Russian MP Elena Drapeko also found foul play in her country’s loss and blamed it to an “information war” and “general demonisation” of her country.

This is not the first time when Tony Abbott has attacked Russia. Earlier in 2014, Abbott stated that he would “shirtfront” Russian president Vladimir Putin for the downing of MH17, reported BBC.

Russia Beyond the Headlines also quoted Abbott’s response to Crimean referendum. The former prime minister said, “Russia should back off, it should withdraw its forces from the Ukraine and people of the Ukraine ought to be able to determine their future themselves.”

Australian contestant Dami Im got 320 points from juror and Ukraine got 211. But in public voting Australia went down to the fourth position. Australia was second in the contest.