Dami Im came a close second to Ukraine’s Jamala, who won the Eurovision 2016 song contest in Sweden over the weekend. Im was obviously the jury’s favourite in the competition because the jury looks at the more technical aspects of the performance. This makes her the real winner despite the fact that the public vote results let her down.

The jury vote was all about the essence of the song competition. It was about the song and the performer, revealed James Mathison, former Channel [V] and “Australian Idol” host. Mathison was a part of the Australian jury which also had Myf Warhurst, Shannon Noll, Monica Trapaga, and producer, composer and engineer Craig Porteils.

According to a News.com.au report, Dami Im took the lead with jury votes at 320 points. Im was followed by Ukraine’s Jamala who had 211 points till then, followed by Russia’s Sergey Lazarev with 122 points.

“For international juries, it’s really about the vocal performance and the song. So Dami can take great pride in it. And also there’s nothing political,” said Mathison. “We are avowed to not play games with who these votes are going to as the jury whereas I think with the public vote there is a lot of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours from neighbouring countries,” he added.

According to The Guardian, Im is happy about being the jury’s favourite. “I feel very flattered that the professionals gave me the highest points, it feels really good,” said Im.

However, it was the public vote which tipped the scales in Ukraine’s favour. Ukraine’s Jamala topped the scoreboard with a total of 534 points. Australia came a close second with 511 points and Russia trailed with 491.

Dami Im was everyone’s favourite to win the title. This has led to a theory that the public votes might have been rigged on account of political reasons.

However, Im is unperturbed. The singer, who plans to release her music in Europe, revealed that she’s more than happy to just perform to the packed audience. “I just loved performing tonight. The crowd was incredible. I was just enjoying the moment rather than thinking about everything else,” she said. “When I finished that last note, I was like: ‘Yep, no regrets whatever happens because I’ve given my 150 percent, that’s all I can do,’ ” she added.