Dami Im’s Eurovision dreams were close to jeopardy after a complaint was received against the singer’s entry to the competition. Im was pulled up for using “face time” in the lyrics. Fortunately for Im, the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group ruled in her favour and “Sound of Silence” is still in the running.

However, things would have gone terribly wrong if the Group would have ruled otherwise. Dami Im and her team would have been tasked with rewriting the lyrics of her official entry. According to the Eurovision competition rules, songs cannot consist of lyrics or messages that promote a political cause, company, brand, products or services, states Sydney Morning Herald.

Naturally, Dami Im’s “Sound of Silence” lyrics, “trying to feel your love through face time,” faced the heat after complaints revealed that it broke the rules. It was argued that her “face time” referenced Apple’s “FaceTime,” thereby promoting a brand in her song.

Pedestrian TV informs that the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group ruled that there was no violation. “The lyrics of the Australian song are presented as two separate words, ‘face time’ and not FaceTime which is an Apple trademark,” said the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group.

Im would not have been disqualified even if the ruling would have gone against her because the Group would have asked her to replace the lyrics. According to Oiko Times, San Marino, a contestant from 2012, faced a similar situation and had to replace his words.

The singer believes that “Sound of Silence” is the perfect song for the competition. The song has a catchy chorus and offers scope to showcase her vocals, reveals SBS. “There are many ways to interpret the meaning around a song, but one theme that I relate to in ‘Sound of Silence’ is that of disconnection and being away from the people in my life that I love,” revealed Im.

“We live in a world where it is easy to be connected every minute of the day but along with this connection you can feel alone and isolated. I can’t wait to perform it live in Stockholm and connect with a whole new audience,” she added.