In its latest move, US is planning to send one or more Army Brigades teams “permanently” to Europe in order to prop up defence against the Russians.

The move came following the current discussions which revealed growing worries that US and NATO could get into war against Russian force.  A top American commander gave a cue to scale up the defence practice against Russians in Europe. The plan would likely involve – 3,000 and 5,000 personnel.

Last week, the issue was put on the table by The EUCOM Commander, Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove. He discussed his plans with the top-level Pentagon officials in Washington.

If approved, the troops will be deployed in Eastern Europe as a part of the $3.4 billion “European Reassurance Initiative”. It was included in Pentagon’s latest budget request.

“They are looking at ways to increase the permanent Army forces in Europe,” the official said. “They’re trying to figure out ‘how much do we need, and where would it come from?’”

Currently, there are two army combat brigade forces in Europe down from the four brigades sent in past years. Breedlove said he is concerned about the current brigade size, which needs to be analysed.

“We do not have, in my opinion, enough U.S. forces permanently stationed forward … so I believe that the permanent forces forward need to be reviewed,” said Breedlove in a report by Military Times.

Noting the current tensions, US and NATO forces seem to be getting ready for any untoward clash with Russian military aligned along NATO’s eastern border.

In a report, RAND has summed up the military exercises and the consequences of Russian military’s advancement into Europe. The report said that NATO forces could hardly able to stand and fight against the Russian forces. They were destroyed in place.

US and NATO forces would include seven brigades, including three heavily armoured brigades. While Russian military has 22 warfare battalions in its “Western Military District” near NATO’s border, the study concluded.

Following Russia’s aggression in Europe, President Barak Obama last month also decided to increase the supply of heavy weapons, armored vehicles and other equipment to NATO countries in Central and Eastern Europe, reported The New York Times.