In the latest update to Europe migrant crisis 2016, a new migrant boat tragedy hit the Mediterranean Sea, leaving more than 100 bodies washed to the shores of the western Libyan town of Zwara.

A total of 104 bodies were recovered from the beach, including women, men and children, as was reported by Stephen Ryan, a spokesman for the Red Crescent Societies and International Federation of Red Cross.

Libyan navy spokesman Colonel Ayoub Qassem gave the statistical data to the press, “The number of bodies retrieved Thursday evening was 104, but the toll is expected to rise since an average boat carries 115 to 125 passengers.”

Meanwhile, there were reports of another boat accident, which took place at 75 nautical miles off the Greek island of Crete. Among 700 migrants who were on board, at least 340 people were rescued alive, with nine bodies recovered, as narrated by the Greek coast guard.

Since war broke out in Libya in February 2011, people smugglers have been trying to exploit the countrymen trying to get people across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. Dictator Moamar Gaddafi plays a vital role in trafficking migrants and refugees from Libya to Europe at exorbitant prices. In a recent shocking revelation by the European authorities, over 10,000 minor migrants could not traced, who were feared to become victims of slavery and human trafficking,

The ABC notes thousands of asylum-seekers try to cross the sea, but die when their boats sink due to overload of people. According to data provided by the United Nations refugee agency, almost 204, 000 migrants and refugees have crossed the Mediterranean Sea since January. Unfortunately, over 2,500 people drowned while trying to make the crossing. Going by the records, Europe battles its worst migration crisis since the World War II.

The Friday sinking marks the second incident since the sinking of another migrant vessel earlier this week. It, however, gives hints that people smugglers might be working out a new route to avoid NATO ships, as reported by The BBC.

European Council’s President Donald Tusk had tried to solve the migrant crisis earlier by announcing, “I want to appeal to all potential illegal economic migrants wherever you are from: Do not come to Europe. Do not believe the smugglers. Do not risk your lives and your money. It is all for nothing.”