Gay, Lesbian and Transgender migrants have reported a number of cases of verbal, physical and sexual abuse in refugee shelters across Europe.

Most of gays and homosexuals reported to have been abused by fellow refugees and sometimes security staff and translators.

They have been facing the abuse from the day they arrived and are sometimes forced to move out.

Muslim migrants are seeking refuge in Europe from some Muslim countries, where homosexuality is a taboo and considered as an illegal activity. Gay activists say that Islamic State in Syria and Iraq has killed 30 gays in the past two years.

Alaa Ammar (28), from Syria sought refuge in Netherlands last spring but failed to find a safe place.  Alaa along with four migrants were abused at a migrant center in the remote northern town of Ter Apel.

“After five minutes, they started looking. After 10 minutes, they started to talk. After one hour, they came to us. After three hours, they started fighting with us.” Amman said in a report by Fox News.

Head of the federation in Berlin-Brandenburg, Joerg Steinert, said gay migrants have been seeking gay groups for help all over the country. They are afraid that approaching police could risk their asylum applications.

In 2015, around 50 asylum seekers were accommodated in private houses as the refugee centres were too dangerous.

“These asylum shelters are law-free areas. When I come to our office on Monday morning, there’s usually a bunch of refugees waiting outside in the hallway who need help immediately.” Steiner said in a report by U.S. News.

In Berlin, four cases of gay abuse were reported, when four hangars at the former Tempelhof airport were turned into reception centres for 2100 people.

Spokeswoman for private center operator Tamaja, Maria Antonia Kipp said that it is difficult to create private spaces for homosexuals.

“When we see a dangerous situation or people tell us about it, we’ll get the people out and transfer them to smaller shelters,” Kipp said.