Manchester United suffered yet another humiliation after a 2-0 loss to rivals Liverpool in the 1st leg of Round 16 in the Europa League at Anfield yesterday.

Jurgen Klopp’s men would definitely like to seal the fate in the 2nd leg when they visit Old Trafford. Liverpool kept piling miseries right from the start as they took a 1-0 lead in the first half. As per the BBC reports, the only silver lining to Manchester’s poor performance was David De Gea’s extraordinary goal defending skills.

Daniel Sturridge gave Liverpool lead in the 15th minute while Roberto Firmino pumped the second goal of the match to take the home side over the victory line.

Both teams are struggling to find ground in the English Premier League this season. But Liverpool kept their nerve to edge past the United. The loss made Louis Van Gaal’s spot even more sticky as critics and fans believed that the Dutch national won’t be managing the Reds in the near future.

Much talk was about Manchester United’s performance which reflected matters on Van Gaal. But the spotlight was given to rather unusual events and surely not Manchester United. What would that be? Michael Owen’s commentary.

As per the Mirror reports, Owen is not the one of most “accomplished” commentators, but the criticism directed towards him has sometimes escalated over the top.

The mirror quoted in their article, “Granted, he’s got a penchant for stating the obvious and is prone to the odd malapropism; he doesn’t exactly make it difficult for his detractors. However, an honest mistake here and there doesn’t explain the extreme reaction his commentary provokes.”

“It’s as if he can’t help pushing people’s buttons – tonight more than ever.

“As one of few players to have crossed the inter-city divide, he was bound to infuriate someone while commentating on the big Europa League clash.”

Trolls kept pouring in on the social media. Some were hilarious while other were simply over the top. Here are some of the reactions caught on Twitter.