Football fans all around the world are very much anticipating the staging of Euro 2016, which will start June 10 and last until July 10 2016 and will involve 24 teams.

This year’s coverage will be more expansive than ever allowing fans from an estimated 200 hundred countries who want to watch online or live stream all their favorite matches right up to the championship easy access.

So where will you find Euro 2016 schedule? Watch online or live stream?

EUFA Euro 2016 Official Website

The official EUFA Euro 2016 home page has all the information you need on where and when to watch the exciting matches starting June 10.

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There is a variety of options a fan can consider apart from watching online or live streaming.  There are also live, delayed, highlights and digital coverage.

Information as to EURO 2016 schedules, team match ups, team and player profiles and tickets are likewise provided.

Details about coverage both on TV and on the web in every country can be had as well so you can go and check out what local website or broadcast station will be airing or streaming EURO 2016.

UEFA Broadcast Partners

Euro 2016 may be also watch online or live stream through authorized EUFA broadcast partners.  Check out for a comprehensive coverage including, schedules and a team by team look of contending countries that you want to follow.

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UEFA 2016 Coverage in Australia

European football fans in Australia can watch online or live stream EURO 2016 using beIn Sports Australia.

They can get to see live all the 51 matches scheduled for the tournament in HD and 3D HD Channels as well as using their Android or IOS app, perfect for those who are always on the go.

So there is no reason for you to miss this greatest European Football event this with readily available coverage online.