It’s the second day of Euro 2016, and spectators are in for a match of the underdogs with an England vs Russia match. Both teams are thirsty for the Euro Cup which they haven’t had in almost 50 years. From a team of youth and enthusiasm to a team of experienced veterans on the football field, here are the Euro Cup 2016 predictions and preview for the match.

The Youngsters

Headed by Wayne Rooney, the Three Lions have a serious task ahead of them. They must clear the path to a long awaited victory that the England team has not accomplished since 1966. England have been good at making sure they secure a spot at the Group Stage.

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However, England’s team manager, Roy Hodgson admits that it is hard for a new team to make effective plays when they are all still getting acquainted with each other in field, UEFA reports. With only three original players from Euro 2012, they have to get in tune with each other’s playing strategy and deliver the goals.

The Veterans

On the other side of the field, experienced veterans are aiming to take the Euro Cup. However, their recent history shows that their team is yet to shine on the field. From coaching changes mid-cup to injuries sported by valuable players, an incomplete Russian team will be facing England.

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However, there’s still one ace up their sleeves. If Artem Dzyuba can bring in the goals like how he did in other competitions, Russia will have a winning stake and beat the odds. Though right now, Bleacher Report notes that the team has an +8000 odds to win Euro 2016.

The team has not had a Euro Cup championship since 1960 which places them in almost the same place as England.

Euro 2016 Predictions

In the game of the underdogs who are currently struggling, who will overcome it and win? Basing from their initial matches, it is safe to make the Euro 2016 match predictions go to England. The team may come out on top. Finishing on the top spot of the qualifying rounds and holding off all their opponents from making a goal, the young team may still be working to achieve fluidity in their game but their individual brilliance shines brighter together.

Euro 2016 Group Stage match between England and Russia will happen today, June 11, 9:00PM CET (Sunday, June 12, 5:00AM NSW)  at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille. Watch and see if our Euro 2016 predictions come true.