In Euro 2016, club mates become rivals as is the case between Cristiano Ronaldo vs Gareth Bale. Along with Karim Benzema, this Real Madrid trio has been successful on the field. But in Euro 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Portugal and Gareth Bale is on the other side playing for Wales. The two countries are now in a tight fight to win a finals spot for Euro 2016.

Portugal’s Ronaldo has had the worst plays in his career in the Euro 2016 group stage events.  Meanwhile, Gareth Bale gained the fans’ attention after his goals ushered Wales into the semi-finals. As a result, Bale is on the 2nd spot on the Euro 2016 Player Barometer while Ronaldo is on a lagging 11th spot.

Ronaldo is the unluckiest attacker for Euro 2016 with 11 shots blocked, 13 shots off on target and 8 on target. Meanwhile, Bale has been most effective with three goals under his name. With 11 on target shots, he gets one goal for every 3.66  accurate shots.

Player-wise, it is easy to see why fans alike are pitting the two against each other. And in the Cristiano vs Gareth Bale match, it’s clear Bale is winning. However, as Gareth Bales has pointed out, the Euro 2016 semi-finals game has two countries playing out on the field, each with 11 men.

As Gareth Bale tries to downplay the rivalry that has been sparking ever since Wales progressed to the semi-finals, his only worry now is to do the job before them, BBC reports.

Gareth Bale and the rest of the Wales team are enjoying their first and successful run.

With their team intact, Bale believes they have a strong chance in being crowned the Euro 2016 champion.

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal are on a Euro 2016 redemption track. This will be Cristiano Ronaldo’s third Euro 2016 appearance in the late stages. Portugal lost the finals to Greece in 2004.

As the teams meet on Wednesday for the semi-final match, it would be wise for spectators to not just concentrate on the Real Madrid teammates. If Portugal’s last match was anything, we can see it has more than Ronaldo to count on for the goals. So who you bet on between Cristiano Ronaldo vs Gareth Bale?