The Euro 2016 Opening Ceremony may be stalled and postponed. This will happen if the Paris government fails to appease the labor unions, who are protesting a controversial labor reform law.

Euro 2016 is set to start on June 10 and will be held in different cities of France.

“The government has the time to say ‘let’s stop the clock’ and everything will be ok,” CGT union chief Philippe Martinez told RT News.

The recent protests have seen employees spill out into the streets showing their force. As multitudes of French employees fight to have their voice be heard against the law, skirmishes between the police and protesters have emerged. Due to retaliations from the protesters’ side, more than 1,300 arrests have been made.

The labor law in question seeks to lower France’s overall employment by easing the 35-hour work week rule and lowering overtime bonuses.

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However, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has already said that the questioned labor law won’t be repealed.

The protests have come to worsen the security risk France is trying to mitigate. Wall Street Journal reports that France showed a gap in their security plan when soccer fans were able to slip in bombs in Stade de France.

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After November’s Paris attacks, France has tightened its security forces around the country and especially around the cities where the Cup matches will be held.

However, despite the security measures, some schools have cancelled their trips to the Euro 2016 games due to the fears.

With the labor protests still going strong, despite the arrests and slips on France’s ‘tightened’ security measures, the Euro Cup 2016 may be in peril if the government fails to quell the protesters and cement their security force.

More popularly known as Euro 2016, the 2016 UEFA European Championship will start on June 10. The matches will be spread out from Paris to Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and Nice.