Following one of the most devastating acts of terrorism in Paris which left 129 dead and almost 350 wounded, all major sporting activities were cancelled on Saturday in the Paris region. Things went terribly wrong on the eve of Friday the 13th and the deadly attack left young souls bloodied on the streets of Paris.

According to ESPN FC, two explosions went off which left three dead outside Stade de France during the national team’s match against Germany. The explosions could be heard from the stadium itself, as the match continued while spectators seemed rather shocked. France’s 2-0 win over Germany wasn’t celebrated in the aftermath of such a horrifying incident.

Crowd sang their National Anthem as they showed solidarity after they came to know about the incident. The German team too was escorted safely out of the stadium. Needless to say, everything turned into an absolute mess.

Soon after the Paris Carnage, speculations were made on whether the Euro 2016 would take place as scheduled in France. But Euro 2016 organizer Jacques Lambert has said that the tournament will not be cancelled, “As that would be giving in to the terrorists who attacked Paris on Friday night,” quoted ESPN FC.

“Wondering whether Euro 2016 must be cancelled is playing the game of the terrorists,” he told French radio station RTL. “The risk went up one level in January, it has just gone higher.

“We will take the necessary decisions for Euro 2016 to take place in the best safety conditions. Security in stadiums works well, the risk is more in the streets, in spontaneous gatherings.”

As per the Yahoo Sports reports, Euro 2016 will be held from June 10 to July 10 and the Stade de France will host Euro 2016’s opening game on June 10 and the final one month later.

Sources also suggest that “The French government has ultimate responsibility for overseeing security for Euro 2016, but an agreement was signed in September between the FFF and the Interior Ministry to split up duties.”