German Chancellor Angela Merkel has backed British Prime Minister David Cameron’s EU Reforms proposal, saying that they will be beneficial as a whole. The speech was delivered at a meeting in Hamburg which was also attended by Cameron. Till now it was the strongest endorsement to the UK by Germany.

“These concerns that David Cameron has raised with the European Union are not only understandable – but we even support them,” the Sky News quoted her as saying at the meet.

She told dignitaries, “We are at one in saying that in the European Union much more needs to be done for competitiveness, more transparency and cutting red tape. And in clear reference to the PM’s demands to restrict benefits to EU migrants she said that “social systems ought to be protected against abuse.”

She concluded her speech by saying, “The concerns that David Cameron raises are not purely British concerns. If we were to take a common European approach it would be a great benefit to Europe as a whole.”

The Guardian reported that according to a spokesperson, the speech aimed at “setting out the case, talking through the proposals, talking about where we are, reminding people of some of the reasons why we are taking this course of action.”

At the St Matthew’s dinner, Cameron reflected Merkel’s point of view.

“When it comes to the question of Britain’s place in Europe, I have always been confident that together we can secure the reforms that address Britain’s concerns and also work for Europe as a whole,” he said. “So when it comes to the question of Britain’s future in Europe, my aim is clear: I want to keep Britain inside a reformed European Union.”

Cameron reiterated the EU reforms he laid out last November, which included withdrawal from the “ever closer union,” a four-year ban on EU migrants, citing some benefits,and the option to scrap EU directives.