The bail application was again suspended for an 11-year-old boy from Perth who was accused of the Esplanade train station murder. Three adults have also been booked for murder.

Additional information about his future living and schooling arrangements can be acquired.

The boy is suspected to have been involved in the death of Patrick Slater. Slater was a 26-year-old man who got mixed up in a brawl near the Esplanade station in the early hours of Jan. 27.

The boy, who cannot be named, showed up in the Perth Children’s Court this afternoon. His presence only materialized through a video link from the Banksia Hill detention centre where he has been incarcerated since his arrest.

Slater’s family had threatened to kill the boy if he was to be released. Approximately, 20 family members of Slater were present in court to hear the rejection of the boy’s bail application, says West Australia Today.

Vanessa Brockman, Slater’s cousin read a statement outside the court on behalf of the grieving family.

“Patrick was the innocent victim of a brutal murder,” she said.

“This boy is charged with murder, please don’t forget that.”

Helen Prince, the lawyer of the boy, said while the boy was “distressed,” an adjournment was needed to allow the Education Department to broaden a plan for his schooling in case he was released. That is why the bail application could not go forward.

The boy was on bail for a charge of aggravated burglary during the time of the alleged murder. A previous court hearing was told so, says ABC News.

Today, Children’s Court president Denis Reynolds said that he wanted to know about the details of the supervision, under which arrangements had been prepared for the boy at the time.

The boy is one of the youngest people charged with murder in Australia.

Christopher James Birdsall, 29, Dylan Terrance Wayne Anthony, 19 and Clinton Frederick Mead, 19, have also been charged with the murder of Slater during the post-Australia Day brawl.

The bail application was postponed until March 22.