The trailer for Equals, starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, shows a prohibited romance in a cold dystopian future. Equals is set as a romantic thriller, directed by Drake Doremus (Like Crazy).

The picture opened yesterday at the Tribeca Film Festival for its US premiere. Equals premiered last September at the Venice International Film Festival.

Stewart and Hoult play the role of co-workers Nia and Silas in a futuristic so-called utopian society called “The Collective.” In this society, crime and violence have been eradicated through genetic engineering.

The process also got rid of all those chaotic human emotions including love, which is a crime, says Deadline.

The trailer of the film by A24 and DirecTV showed Kristen, portraying Nia as illustrator Silas’ (Hoult) eyes catch her, despite everyone wearing similar all-white outfits.

Silas has his illustrating work interrupted by a person in white. The person falls down to the ground.

‘That’s our first jumper in a while,’ a woman said.

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On the other hand, a message from “The Collective” recommends remembering that “physical contact or displays of feelings are a danger to all of us.”

If they were feeling “overly tired” or in “increased sensitivity,” people might be vulnerable to feelings, so the authorities remind people of the danger. 

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‘Let’s do our part to contain this disease,’ the public service announcement said.

However, Silas has become “infected” and communicates with Nia, says Daily Mail.

“I’m watching you. The way you look at the world. The way you experience things. It’s different,” Silas tells her.

But Nia refuses by asking Silas to stop or else she will be compelled to report gainst him.

In the long run, Nia and Silas notices an extreme attraction between each other. They finally move into a forbidden relationship, which is at first tentative.

But time it explodes into a deep romance, thus making them look suspicious among their superiors.

The authorities show up to catch up with them. Nia was captured and was taken away by force.

“Just remember what this feels like,” Nia says.

Another film with a similar storyline was made by George Lucas as his first feature directorial debut. It is named “THX 1138.”

“THX 1138” depicts a dystopian future in which the population is controlled by the help of android police officers. There is a regular use of drugs that suppress emotion, including love and sexual desire.

“Equilibrium,” starring Christian Bale, also deals with a similar issue as showed in Equals,  says IMDB.

Equals is written by Nathan Parker. It also stars Guy Pearce, Jacki Weaver, Bel Powley and Kate Lyn Sheil.